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うこん (UKON) - Turmeric - Kunyit

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Turmeric (KUNYIT)

Turmeric is a perennial plant belonging to the family ginger, turmeric in the world of various types exist. In Japan, where it grows wild, except for a small part of Kagoshima Prefecture and Okinawa Prefecture is less sensitive to the cold. Turmeric is a plant originally grown by the sun in tropical Asia. It is said that it was brought to Japan is turmeric and the Muromachi period. When the first half of the Edo period and then, through the Kingdom of Ryukyu was a widely overseas trade and has since spread around the route of Satsuma, that border. In Okinawa, we have built a unique culture from the Ryukyu Dynasty, turmeric Tei "shot" has been handed down and called in dialect. In Okinawa, and turmeric have been working to strengthen the liver, or by drinking as tea, and put to cook, has been used since ancient times as a medicinal herb private.
Harvest (Ukon) turmeric

- Type of the turmeric turmeric, turmeric spring, purple turmeric, white turmeric -

Those that are often used in Japan in general, turmeric, turmeric spring, purple turmeric There are three types of. In addition, there as well as white turmeric are not well known. Although some literature has been introduced and also called white turmeric turmeric alias that often purple, white turmeric say here is completely different types.

Turmeric: commonly called
turmeric Name:

Spring turmeric: colloquial term
treat Scientific name:

Turmeric: Purple commonly called
zedoary Name:

White turmeric: commonly called
Hana ginger is also known as:

The type contains a lot of curcumin, and is used most often.

The type is said to be good to strengthen five viscera.

The disease is said to have a good stomach, to prevent aging.

The type is said to be good and pancreas, diabetes, athlete's foot.

It is similar to the shape of the rhizome was rugged both turmeric, treat, of zedoary, in order to distinguish between these three, the treat-flowered "turmeric", in the spring of the turmeric flowered in the fall as a colloquial term We divided called to say "purple turmeric" the purple zedoary cut "turmeric" Spring, the rhizome is thin.

In other words, that "turmeric" refers to the original of "turmeric". Exactly but spring has a name turmeric, turmeric turmeric called purple, it is a different plant.

▼ notice a difference in the cut end of the rhizome!


Spring turmeric

Purple turmeric

Components contained in the turmeric

Components contained in turmeric and its efficacy is as follows.


Efficacy of the components

Pigment composition


Because of the diuretic action and to strengthen liver function, to promote the secretion of bile, liver dysfunction is an effective component of bile, such as flame.

Essential oil constituent


With action to promote the secretion of bile, have the effect of inhibiting the growth of fish parasite Anisakis.


In addition to action to promote the secretion of bile, stomach action, bactericidal action, there is a wide range of effects including antiseptic action.


It has been said In addition to strong activity of anti-cancer effect has been observed experimentally, there is a role dissolve the cholesterol in the body, and effective in hardening of the arteries and urethral calculus.


Is said to be active in anti-cancer effect has been observed experimentally, in China is expected to be effective in the treatment of uterine cancer in particular, has been used clinically.


Activity to inhibit the growth of experimental tumors have been observed.

Torr dolphin pin switch parameters Nord

Have the effect of bile in the biliary tract to discharge.

Flavonoids (vitamin P)

There is an action to repair the blood vessel wall acts directly on blood vessels, became brittle, elasticity comes out to the vessel. Has raised a wide range of effective prevention of dementia mainly in cardiovascular, asthma, and atopy.


It has been said that there is work to inhibit the activity of pepsin in the gastric juice also, there is an action to cure the inflammation and ulceration.Therefore, it has been used as a treatment for gastric and duodenal ulcer and aphthous stomatitis.


Have the effect of the nerves to excitement, you have a cardiotonic action.


Minerals, vitamins

Contains phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin B.

Have attracted much attention in the presence of our lifestyle and relationships are turmeric, enhances liver function, detoxification help is that. Effect is expected hangover measures and diet, to health maintenance.

About the relationship between cause and turmeric hangover, " and turmeric hangover" because it described in detail in pages, and see by all means, please.

No what I choose the turmeric?

The difference between turmeric turmeric spring and autumn

I think that I can, but you can see that there are a variety of active ingredient of turmeric Looking at the component, in, turmeric and turmeric Why spring Which should I choose?First, let's look at the difference of the components of turmeric turmeric spring and autumn.

▼ component comparison of turmeric turmeric fall and spring


Spring turmeric




Essential oil constituent






As you can see in the table above, in the autumn turmeric to enhance liver function"curcumin" because it contains a wealth of want to reduce the burden to the liver hangover measures and is recommended for anyone who. , Whereas the spring turmeric rich , "mineral" "essential oils" is characterized. It is said that essential oils are bactericidal action to protect the health of the stomach is strong, and a strong antioxidant effect. For those who want to maintain as well as liver, gastrointestinal health also is recommended.

Characteristic of purple turmeric

Purple turmeric, turmeric, turmeric and spring, unlike the dye component of curcumin are not included in most. However, "cineole", "azulene", "Conference" , such as essential oils , including the, is a great fragrance. In oriental medicine, has been has been used as a "stomach medicine aromatic", and a good stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer, especially in. Said it has been a major cause of ulcers this Helicobacter pylori is (Helicobacter pylori), but with turmeric purple patients stomach and duodenal ulcers, Helicobacter pylori has disappeared, and not seen recurrence of the ulcer It has been reported. It is also to be effective purification of blood, even anti-aging of blood vessels and brain cells. Will remove the material cause of low back pain and stiff shoulders by purifying the blood, you will see also eliminates pain. Also has the effect of fatigue as a synonym. In previous TV to be effective in the diet "food" Ultimate is presented as, and drew attention.

Product features turmeric

I think there is a unique component of the spring turmeric, turmeric, turmeric and purple, that there is efficacy can be expected and you can see.

Turmeric products utilizing a variety of these features has been floating around. Why should I choose when I thought what if turmeric products, and want to try to maintain your health turmeric?

So we put together, please try to reference means.

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Well to those who want to drink sake, the hangover prevention and countermeasures, the product "turmeric" It is recommended. There are many different types depending on the type and use your bottle economical sachets, and also drink type products turmeric.

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Spring turmeric

For those who want to maintain good health, including not only the liver, other internal organs is also recommended turmeric spring.Essential oils and mineral rich contribution to the maintenance of daily physical condition can be expected.

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Purple turmeric

Purple turmeric effect can be expected when you want to prepare a gastrointestinal condition. You may also stiff neck and low back pain may be due to elimination of purification of the blood. Here recently who also is recommended because there are a lot of diet supplements that which is often used to leverage the effect of turmeric purple intestines, you want to diet while incorporating the component of turmeric.

Purple turmeric (zedoary)

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